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当你搜索“我附近的商业钱柜平台登录”时,” you are hoping to find janitorial service companies that offer thorough large and small office cleaning services. Here at 所有的清洁, we provide comprehensive office and business cleaning services that include lobbies, 厨房, 隔间, 洗手间和候车室.


Let us end your search for the best janitorial cleaning company. 说到保持你的房子干净卫生, you can count on our professional cleaning crews to sanitize and clean every surface from lobby chairs to 浴室, 休息室和厨房. 所有的清洁’s commercial 劳保 include the following:

  • 综合保洁服务 – trash, floors, doors, offices, hallways, 隔间 and conference rooms.
  • 地毯清洗 – vacuuming and shampooing of all types of commercial carpets and rugs.
  • 地板清洁 -所有类型的硬表面地板,从层压板到混凝土.
  • 办公室清洁 – comprehensive office cleaning that includes meeting rooms, 休息的房间, 浴室 and 厨房.
  • 清洗窗户 – streak-free glass cleaning for all types and sizes of windows.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Commercial and Office Janitorial 服务

  • 总是满满当当 -纸巾, soap and other essential items are always stocked and ready for your employees in the morning.
  • 清洁卫生 ——卫生, clean surfaces can reduce the number of pathogens in your building, 让员工更健康.
  • 具有成本效益的 – outsourcing your business cleaning services is more cost-effective than retaining a full-time cleaning crew that may not be needed all the time.
  • 员工生产力最大化 -清理桌子, 计数器, 休息的房间 and office reduce the amount of time your employees spend cleaning their own 工作区 and emptying trash cans.


Our commercial 劳保 near you in Alachua County can be fully customized to meet your needs. 我们每天都提供, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules to help keep your building looking its best, and we offer comprehensive and detailed move-in and move-out cleaning services. Every cleaning service includes sweeping and mopping your hard surface floors, 用吸尘器吸地毯和地毯,给办公室消毒, 工作区, 浴室, 休息室和厨房. 我们甚至打扫走廊、大厅和休息区.


  • Cleaning your carpets regularly can extend their useful lives and help reduce the amount of staining caused by ground-in dirt and spilled food and drinks. Our carpet cleaning services in greater Gainesville include vacuuming, 污渍去除和地毯洗发时需要.


  • 我们清洁所有类型的硬表面地板, 包括木, 层压板, 乙烯基, 石头, 瓷砖和混凝土, and we take care to use the right cleaning solutions and techniques for your type of floor. Our hard surface floor cleaning includes sweeping and mopping. We can also strip and reapply sealant and protective coatings at specific intervals to help keep your floors in impeccable condition.


  • Our professional cleaning crews in Alachua County clean 大大小小的办公综合体. Each office cleaning includes dusting and sanitizing all surfaces, 清洁和拖地硬地面, 用吸尘器吸地毯和地毯,打扫会议室, 休息的房间, meeting rooms and individual offices as well as any open office plans that contain 隔间. 我们还清洁走廊、浴室和厨房区域.


  • Keeping your windows clean can enhance your building’s appeal and give your employees, visitors and clients a clear view of your outside landscaping. We clean all types and sizes of windows from standard double-hung windows to storefronts and window walls, 为了达到无条纹的光泽.


The cost of your business janitorial service package will depend on the square footage and number of offices to be cleaned. If you have an extremely small single office that only requires dusting and vacuuming, 每次访问只需支付一小时的工作费用. The cost for larger offices and businesses with several offices and a conference room will depend on the included services and square footage.


所有的清洁 has been providing professional commercial and office cleaning services to the greater Gainesville area for more than 25 years, 在那段时间里, 我们清洗过各种各样的商业广告, 市政和公共建筑. Our cleaning portfolio includes all types of local and federal government buildings, 餐厅, 学校及教育设施, 大大小小的办公综合体, 豪华酒店, 银行机构, 医院和医疗中心, 实验室和精神保健设施, and we would be happy to clean your commercial or residential building. We even offer move-in and move-out facility cleaning services.

Comprehensive List of 商业钱柜平台登录 in Gainesville and Surrounding Areas.


  • 办公室清洁
  • 清洗窗户
  • 地板Clearning
  • 地毯清洗
  • 吸尘
  • 浴室的清洁
  • 厨房清洁
  • 走廊清洁
  • 清理垃圾
  • 补充库存供应

We provide 劳保 to the following types of facilities:

  • 教堂钱柜平台登录
  • 政府大楼钱柜平台登录
  • 公寓大楼钱柜平台登录
  • 餐厅钱柜平台登录
  • 医院钱柜平台登录
  • 医疗保健设施钱柜平台登录
  • 化验室钱柜平台登录
  • 学校钱柜平台登录
  • 日托中心钱柜平台登录
  • 酒店钱柜平台登录
  • 银行钱柜平台登录


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